A Royal Fine Dine

Where : Hamsa

Address : 40, B. Ramachandra Adithanar Road, 4th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai

Rating : 4/5

Description : 

Humsa, A royal budding place which the vegetarians would surly hit on.😎


Been to many veg restaurants but nothing as sophisticated as Humsa. Their interiors, hand crafted designs on the walls, their ambiance, lightings… there’s a hint of royalty In everything..!
There’s also a private room made of silver on their second floor which can be accessed only with some recommendations..but luckily we got the chance to see it. “The silver garden” they call it, is a private room with all the decors made of silver behind the silver door which looked so stunning.😵

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Went here for a foodies meetup dinner that was organised.😇
We were first greeted with ‘Panjamrithum‘ (served as prasadam in temple,now evolved into a drink) drink that was top notch with perfect blend of ingredients.

As we took our seat,we found something hidden inside a silver thingy , rasgulla kind of sweet which was a warm welcome to begin the hogging. 😋

Starters had two panner based dish,Panner saunfiya which had panner topped with a blend of curry and the leaf enclosed panner which was perfectly made and properly flavored. Then the cheese kurkuri which looked like a cheesy wonton and the Makkah muthia Chaat which was a crispy corn based Chaat went in well with the mint and tamarind sauce.‘Kache kele and anar ki tikki’ which was raw mashed banana and hint of pomegranate was kinda turn off to me and needs much of improvement on the flavors..

Coming to the main dish,they served urlai rost which was potato roasted along with spices(potato lovers alert),kamal kakdi kofteh ( deep fried balls made of lotus stem ) served in gravy form was good enough,Dehliwl Hari turai wasn’t of my type after I came to know that the gravy is made of coriander and green gourd but others thoroughly enjoyed it,Bhagiraithi meher panner which was heavy cream and cheesy blend with panner which turned out to be my favorite among all.
The gravies went in well with the different kinds of naans and parathas served.Cheese and olive naan stood out for me. 😋

The rice items, Idiyapam biriyani and Anar aur Hari meeri ka chawal were both so bland. Though the Idiyapam biriyani is so innovative and good attempt,It lacked much in flavors and spices which dint go by the name ‘Biriyani’. I’m sure this will be a hit dish once it’s gets the hint if perfect flavours to it. The later was so plain and not of my type.Little too much of anar being used in this place ..😕

I personally loved the Anjeer aur adrak halwa( fig halwa).. it was so blissful.😇
Amrud phirni was a guava based pudding blended along with rice paste but unfortunately this wasn’t so perfect. The guava taste overruled all the flavors.( Needs improvement)


Overall a fine and royal dine experience. I’m sure you won’t regret being treated like a king/queen for few hours.👸


Hamsa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoView my food journey on Zomato! 

View my food journey on Zomato!



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