Oktoberfest @ Hilton

To all the beer lovers out here in the town,Cheers to the Oktoberfest that is happening in many of the Fine dine star restaurants and Vintage bank,Hilton is a part of it in namma Chennai.

To those who have no idea about the Oktoberfest,Its a Beer Festival celebrated worldwide!
Initially started as a marriage ceremony between the prince and princess of Germany which attracted the whole of townspeople and is now an official festival of beer.
Oktoberfest in September ?  well, that’s because the marriage was held on October but people demanded more prolonged entertainment so started it as a two-week celebration during the mid or late September to the first weekend in October and primarily cos of the weather.



We were invited here for the launch of Oktoberfest.As we entered,Two pretty German gals dressed in Bavarians style gave us a warm welcome followed by the manager who guided us about the fest and gave us enough knowledge about the festival and the settings arranged.

The ambiance was so much soothing with perfect fest looks and the Marriage setting that was set looked so stunning with all the wonderful lightings. Also the band playing live music gave us the festive feels.

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As this fest is all about drinks and food,We were surprised with all the different blend of beers and finger food they had to offer.

Drinks :
Frankly,I’m not much into drinking but some of the drinks here amazed me.
We were served with two varieties of Beer cocktails.
Berry Beer : The perfect blend of cranberry and berry was a wow ! It was so perfect and could actually feel the berry in it.


Tomogaarden : This drink is a blend of Tomato and Hoegaarden. Uniquely tangy and kind of spicy.Very much of different drink feel.

We were also served with the Beer Sampler which had five varieties of beer from different countries. ( Stella,Asahi,Amstel,Heineken and Sapporo)


Also had my hand on the watermelon cocktail and a chocolate milkshake based cocktail.

Food : 

Coming to the best part for a foodie like me,This fest offered a wide variety of German and teppenyaki food.
In the Non veg section of German food,We had the sausages mainly based on pork meat which went on well with different mustard (Pommery mustard,English mustard,Dijon mustard,Honey mustard,Paprika spiced mustard,Sumac spiced mustard).
Weisswurst,German snail sausage and Smoked frankfurter were the pork based Sausages.The Weisswurst is a short white sausage pork sausage is a specialty from Bavaria.The German snail sausage stood out with its exotic shape and delicious taste. The Smoked Chicken Hot Dog was the usual chicken based sausage that’s used in hot dogs.


In the veg section,we had he Kartoffel Puffer,Mohren Puffer and Crispy Schupfnudeln.
The kartoffel puffer is a potato based pancake and Mohren puffer, a carrot based puffer made in German style.Crispy Schupfnudeln is a gnocci like dish made of potatoes. One of the signature dish of Bavaria.Tasted good and lil cheesy.


On the Teppanyaki section,
We had the King Prawns,Sea Bass,chicken and the calamari.Everything was barioishii!! ^_^.I’ve always loved the Japanese food and this dint disappoint me a bit.The Prawns and calamari stood out.


On the whole a great experience of Oktoberfest right here in Chennai that led us to Bavarian experience ! The service and hospitality is commendable.


Dear readers,
If you love drinking or experiencing new stuffs,Don’t miss out this fest,else you have to wait for another year to experience it.Ends on 3rd of October,2016 for this year.

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