Japaneese in Chennai @ Teppan – RWI Review

Teppan! The best fine dine experience I’ve come across yet in chennai.

I was invited here to try out their spl RWI menu.To those who don’t know about RWI(Restaurant Week of India),RWI is celebrated at selected fine dine restaurants in the city with their spl RWI menu priced at a la carte rates.

We were here for the dinner and RWI menu for dinner costs just INR. 1000 for a fine dine experience!

As we entered, The manager led us to the live kitchen spot and we were seated there.

The menu had both veg and non-veg section with not so common names (as it was Japanese),With no doubt we went for the non-veg.

Started off with their salad,

Kani Sarada : Its a crab based salad along with the iceberg lettuce and other veggies.This dish represents the balance between the extremes.Perfectly made.

Tori Tamago Sarada : Grilled chicken based salad with lettuce and sesame dressing.Tasted uniquely good.

followed by the salad, Soup and Appetizers came into play.

We were served with Miso and tori soup.Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup with fermented soy bean paste.And the later was the usual clear chicken soup.Both tasted good.

for the appetizers we had,

Tori Kara Age : Deep fried chicken with ginger soya sesame batter and was  served with mayo.Soo good ! ^_^


Crispy California Maki : Its a crab based sushi rolled along with avocado and cucumber.So yum it was.


Habu Tori Maki : This dish is a Chicken based sushi and this dish is  claimed to be the RW signature dish.And yes! It did stick up to their claim.Not a big fan of sushi but this dish made me fall for sushis! That delicious! ^_^


As we were busy hogging,Chef Get interrupted and surprised us with his Japanese knife song which he played using the knifes! He claims himself as Jackie Chan of Teppan. One of the coolest Chef ever. He then surprised us with lots of live kitchen entertainment. we thoroughly enjoyed watching him cook.

He started off with,

Tori Yakimeshi : Japaneese Fried rice with chicken and egg.

followed by,

Tori yaki,Yaki niku,Grilled Basa Fillet,Ebi Yaki and Sakana Yaki. All of these dishes is a must try.Goes on well with the sticky rice. I loved the Tori yaki which was chicken and mushroom based gravy with all the secret ingredients and Sakana Yaki which was fresh grilled seabass with wheat egg and sweet chilly sauce.Perfectly flavored and cooked with perfection.

Should agree,Chef Get Wowed us with his talent.

After our wholesome main course,We went on for desserts,They had a wide variety of it but for RWI menu,Its limited to only 3.

I would suggest to try the choclate based desserts and the apple pie.The best among the rest.

From the very beginning till the end,everything they served , the way we were treated and everything was so Good.There’s always a positive vibes when it comes to Japanese. And Teppan is so good at being Japanese cuisine.

Live kitchen,the chef “Mr.Get”,the management,service,food.. literally everything is good here. Such a blissful experience 😇

For those who consider Fine dine is very much Expensive,RWI is here for the rescue!Dont miss them out.

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