Farmers’ Market by Karen Anand @ Chennai !

Pheonix Marketcity,Chennai hosted a premium first-of-its-kind Farmers’ Market in association with FBAI(Food Bloggers Association of India) , brought together by the celebrity chef and food writer Karen Anand.

Food blogger cum celebrity chef,Karen Anand,presented her Farmer’s Market event for the first time in Chennai that has been happening in other cities of India including Pune,Blore,Goa,Kolkata and Mumbai.This event showcases various biggies in the restaurant field,local startup exhibitors,home bakers and amateur chefs who came into the play displaying their talents to impress the foodies in town.

Me, along with other food bloggers gathered representing FBAI here to experience this Food exhibition which is one of its kind.

This event was all based on FOOD.Ranging from south Indian dosas to Chinese momos and other delicacies !This exhibition was widespread outside the phoenix mall.

We gave a try to each and every stall put up.Started our walk with the “Superb”

Following up,The Unexplored world of Teas is now Explored by “Rujani”. Rujani is all about varieties of original teas from Assam.It was a knowledgeable stall that gave us some hint about each and every variety of Tea that they have and the quality was explained.


For all the chocolate lovers, There’s something that will surprise you.”Mason&Co” , They have originally flavoured chocolate that is very much soothing and melts smoothly in your mouth.Such a heavenly melts.Also, the Bhuira homemade jams which will make us feel the original flavours of the fruits blended.

Half way through our food journey,We came across Mrs.Chandri Bhat releasing her new book “Kitchen Nostalgia”.Chandri Bhat has been teaching Indian and Global cooking for over 30 years. She currently heads the Chennai Culinary Institute and also serves as the official consultant for popular appliance companies, food manufacturers and restaurants.
“Kitchen Nostalgia” is a recipe book that has over 50 vegetarian curries recipe by Mrs.Chandri Bhat.

As we continued our walk,We came across ” Farm Made” which had all organic products including coconut-based foods.And Rite Bite which has come up with new products was on display and trial was on.

The final stall, KASE was my favourite.Kase is a start up all based on CHEESE! They displayed different kinds of cheese and there was a sweet lil kid who shared much knowledge about the stall.They had variety of dishes based on cheese.And also Desserts were yum.Also with no doubt KASE won the best Taste award.

Also,the biggies like Mamagoto,Meena Tai’s,Amadora,Brownie heaven,The Westin etc had put up their stalls.


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